Las Peel Sessions de Wedding Present

El 19 de marzo se publicará una caja que recoge las sesiones registradas por The Wedding Present en las Peel Sessions, el programa de BBC Radio 1 dirigido por el desaparecido John Peel. La caja está formada por un total de seis cedés que abarcan las sesiones grabadas entre 1986 y 2004.

CD 1
“You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends”
“It’s What You Want That Matters”
“This Boy Can Wait”
“All About Eve”
“Don’t Laugh”
“Never Said”
“Don’t Be So Hard”
“Give My Love To Kevin”
“Something And Nothing”
“Million Miles”
“Getting Nowhere Fast”
“Svitit Misyats”
“Yikhay Kozak Za Dunai”
“Hude Dripro Hyde”

CD 2
“Davni Chasny”
“Vasya Vasyliok”
“Zadumav Didochok”
“Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now”
“Take Me”
“Happy Birthday”
“Sertsem I Dusheyev”
“Cherez Richku Cherez Hai”

CD 3
“Flying Saucer”
“Softly Softly”
“Come Play With Me”
“So Long Baby”
“Him Or Me (What’s It Gonna Be) “
“Love Machine”
“Sports Car”
“Go Man Go”
“Blue Eyes”
“Ringway To Seatal”
“Queen Anne”
“White Horses”

CD 4
“What Have I Said Now”
“Lengthy Interview”
“Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah”
“Swimming Pools Movie Stars”
“Click Click”
“It’s A Gas”
“Queen Of Outer Space”

CD 5
“ Introduction – Peel, John”
“Silver Shorts”
“Love Machine”
“Snake Eyes”
“Sports Car”
“Click Click”
“My Favourite Dress”
“Real Thing”
“It’s A Gas”
“Skin Diving”
“Mini Prize Draw”

CD 6
“Go Go Dancer”
“Sports Car”
“2 3 Go”
“Real Thing”
“Come Play With Me”

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