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Ed Harcourt publicará el 8 de agosto Elephant’s Graveyard, un álbum formado por veintiocho rarezas entre las que se incluyen cuatro temas inéditos. El álbum se podrá obtener únicamente a través de la página oficial del artista, edharcourt.com.

Los temas que formarán Elephant’s Graveyard son:

1. The Unlucky One (previously unreleased)
2. T Bone Tombstone (from Something In My Eye)
3. Here Be Monsters (from Something In My Eye)
4. I’ve Become Misguided (from She Fell Into My Arms)
5. When Americans Come To London (from She Fell Into My Arms)
6. Alligator Boy (from Apple Of My Eye)
7. Weary And Bleary Eyed (from Apple Of My Eye)
8. Last Of The Troubadors (from Apple Of My Eye)
9. Little Silver Bullet (from Apple Of My Eye)
10. Sleepyhead (from Q magazine’s cover CD, ‘Rise And Shine’)
11. Coal Black Heart (from All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed)
12. Blackwoods Back Home (from All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed)
13. Still I Dream Of It (from Still I Dream Of It limited edition single)
14. The Ghosts Parade (from Still I Dream Of It)
15. Angels On Your Body (from the Japanese version of From Every Sphere)
16. The Hammer And The Nail (from the North American album From Every Sphere)
17. She Put A Curse On Me (Parts I & II) (previously unreleased)
18. The Iceman Cometh (previously unreleased)
19. Asleep At The Helm (previously unreleased)
20. Sugarbomb (from Watching The Sun Come Up)
21. Paid To Get Drunk (from Watching The Sun Come Up)
22. Atlantic City (from an Uncut magazine covermounted CD)
23. Deathsexmarch (from This One’s For You)
24. Mysteriously (from This One’s For You)
25. Only Happy When You’re High (from Born In The ’70s)
26. Breathe A Little Softer (from Born In The ’70s)
27. Every Night (from Loneliness)
28. Epitaph (from Loneliness)

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