Nuevas reediciones de Depeche Mode

El lunes 19 de marzo saldrán a la venta cuatro nuevas reediciones de Depeche Mode. El turno esta vez es para Black Celebration, Construction Time Again, Ultra y Exciter. El listado de extras que tendrá cada una de las reediciones es este:

Black Celebration
Live In Birmingham,1986
“Black Celebration”
”Question Of Time”
”Stripped “
* Additional Bonus Tracks
”Shake The Disease”
”It’s Called A Heart”
”Fly On The Windscreen”
”But Not Tonight”
”Breathing In Fumes”
”Black Day”
”Christmas Island”
* A Short Film – Depeche Mode 1985-86: The Songs Aren’t Good Enough, There Aren’t Any Singles

Construction Time Again
”Get The Balance Right”
”Great Outdoors”
”Work Hard”
”Get The Balance Right” (Combination Mix)
”Everything Counts” (In Larger Amounts)
”Love In Itself 4”
A Short Film – Depeche Mode 1983: Teenagers Growing Up, Bad Government and All That Stuff

Live In London, 1997
”Barrel Of A Gun”
”It’s No Good”
* Additional Bonus Tracks
”Only When I Lose Myself”
* Short Film


Live In Paris, 2001
“Dead Of Night”
”Sweetest Condition”
”Dream On”
”When The Body Speaks”
* Additional Bonus Tracks
”Easy Tiger” (Full Version)
”When The Body Speaks” (Acoustic)
* Short Film – Depeche Mode 1999-2002

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