The Boo Radleys reeditan Wake Up!´ y Giant Steps´

Los que fuesen tarcer y cuarto disco de los británicos The Boo Radleys, Giant Steps (1993) y Wake Up! (1995), han sido reeditados en formato de lujo.

Cada referencia incluye tres compactos con numerosos extras, caras b y remezclas, así como un generoso libreto con notas, fotografías y otras curiosidades.

El listado completo de temas incluidos en Giant Steps (Deluxe Edition 2010) es el siguiente:

Disc 1:
1. I Hang Suspended
2. Upon Ninth And Fairchild
3. Wish I Was Skinny
4. Leaves And Sand
5. Butterfly Mcqueen
6. Rodney King (Song For Lenny Bruce)
7. Thinking Of Ways
8. Barney (…And Me)
9. Spun Around
10. If You Want It, Take It
11. Best Lose The Fear
12. Take The Time Around
13. Lazarus
14. One Is For
15. Run My Way Runaway
16. I’ve Lost The Reason
17. The White Noise Revisited

Disc 2:
1. Lazy Day [Adrenalin Ep]
2. Vegas [Adrenalin Ep]
3. Feels Like Tomorrow [Adrenalin Ep]
4. Whiplashed [Adrenalin Ep]
5. Does This Hurt [Boo! Forever]
6. Boo! Forever [Boo! Forever]
7. Buffalo Bill [Boo! Forever]
8. Sunfly II: Walking With The Kings [Boo! Forever]
9. Rodney King (St Etienne Remix) [B-Side I Hang Suspended]
10. As Bound As Tomorrow [B-Side I Hang Suspended]
11. I Will Always Ask You Where You’ve Been Even Though I Know The Answer [B-Side I Hang Suspended]
12. Peachy Keen (Acoustic Version [B-Side Wish I Was Skinny]
13. Furthur [B-Side Wish I Was Skinny]
14. Crow Eye [B-Side Wish I Was Skinny]

Disc 3:
1. Tortoiseshell [B Side Barney ( And Me)]
2. Zoom [B Side Barney ( And Me)]
3. Cracked Lips, Homesick [B Side Barney ( And Me)]
4. At The Sound Of Speed [B-Side Lazarus]
5. Let Me Be Your Faith [B-Side Lazarus]
6. Petroleum [B-Side Lazarus]
7. Lazarus (7″ Version) [Lazarus (Remixes)]
8. Lazarus (Acoustic) [Lazarus (Remixes)]
9. (I Wanna Be) Touchdown Jesus [Lazarus (Remixes)]
10. Lazarus (St Etienne Remix) [Lazarus (Remixes)]
11. Lazarus (Secret Knowledge Remix) [Lazarus (Remixes)]
12. Lazarus (Ultramarine Remix) [Lazarus (Remixes)]
13. Lazarus (Augustus Pablo Remix) [Lazarus (Remixes)]
14. Lazarus (12″ Version) [Lazarus (Remixes)]

El listado completo de temas incluidos en Wake Up! (Deluxe Edition 2010) es el siguiente:

Disc 1:
1. Wake Up Boo
2. Fairfax Scene
3. It’s Lulu
4. Joel
5. Find The Answer Within
6. Reaching Out From Here
7. Martin, Doom! It’s 7 O’clock
8. Stuck On Amber
9. Charles Bukowski Is Dead
10. 4am Conversation
11. Twinside
12. Wilder

Disc 2:
1. Janus [B-Side Wake Up]
2. Blues For George Michael [B-Side Wake Up]
3. Friendship Song [B-Side Wake Up]
4. Wake Up Boo! Music For Astronauts [B-Side Wake Up]
5. And Tomorrow The World [B-Side Wake Up]
6. The History Of Creation Parts 17 & 36 [B-Side Wake Up]
7. Find The Answer Within (High Llamasmix) [B-Side Find The Answer Within]
8. The Only Word I Can Find [B-Side Find The Answer Within]
9. Very Together [B-Side Find The Answer Within]
10. Don’t Take Your Gun To Town [B-Side Find The Answer Within]
11. Wallpaper [B-Side Find The Answer Within ]

Disc 3:
1. This Is Not About Me [B-Side It’s Lulu]
2. Reachingout From Here (High Llamasmix) [B-Side It’s Lulu]
3. Martin, Doom! Its Seven O Clock (Stereolab Mix) [B-Side It’s Lulu]
4. Joel (Justin Warfield Mix [B-Side It’s Lulu]
5. Tambo [B-Side It’s Lulu]
6. Donkey [B-Side It’s Lulu]
7. From The Bench At Belvedere [B-Side From The Bench]
8. Hi Falutin [B-Side From The Bench]
9. Crushed [B-Side From The Bench]
10. Almost Nearly There [B-Side From The Bench]

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