Gene recopilan su discografía en un boxset

A mediados de los 90 asistimos al nacimiento de Gene, uno de los candidatos a alzarse con la herencia del mejor pop británico. En sus canciones se dejaba sentir el poso de The Smiths, The Style Council o Small Faces.

Discos como Olympian (95), To See The Lights (96) y Drawn To The Deep End (1997) o canciones  como “London, Can You Wait?”, “Be My Light, Be My Guide”, “For The Dead”,  “Olympian” o “Where Are They Now?” son buena muestra de ello.

La banda se separó en 2004 y desde entonces no hemos tenido noticias suyas, tan solo de su cantante Martin Rossiter, que ha hecho sus pinitos en solitario sin mucha suerte.

Su música sigue teniendo una tremenda vigencia, por lo que han decidido compilarla en una jugosa boxset para coleccionistas en el que se recopila toda su discografía, aparte de sus cuatro álbumes ,un buen número de rarezas, directos, maquetas y caras B.

Gene: The Albums se edita el próximo 14 de agosto en dos formatos: uno contiene 9 CDs y otro 8 vinilos de colores.

Este será su contenido:

CD 1: Olympian

1.Haunted By You
2.Your Love, It Lies
3.Truth, Rest Your Head
4.A Car That Sped
6.London Can You Wait?
7.To The City
8.Still Can’t Find The Phone
9.Sleep Well Tonight
11.We’ll Find Our Own Way


CD 2: To See The Lights

1.Be My Light, Be My Guide
2.Sick, Sober & Sorry
3.Her Fifteen Years
4.Haunted By You (Live Helter Skelter6/7/95)
5.I Can’t Decide If She Really Loves Me
6.To See The Lights
7.I Can’t Help Myself
8.A Car That Sped (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)
9.For The Dead (US Version / Remix)
10.Sleep Well Tonight (Live Forum 31/3/95)
11.How Much For Love
12.London Can You Wait? (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
13.I Can’t Help Myself (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
14.Child’s Body
15.Don’t Let Me Down ( Radio 1 Session 01/02/95)
16.I Say A Little Prayer (Live Glastonbury 25/6/95)
17.Do You Want To Hear It From Me
18.This Is Not My Crime
19.Olympian (Live Forum 31/3/95)
20.Child’s Body (Live Forum 31/3/95)
21.For The Dead (Hidden track, as per original release)


CD3: Drawn To The Deep End

1.New Amusements
2.Fighting Fit
3.Where Are They Now?
4.Speak To Me Someone
5.We Could Be Kings
6.Why I Was Born
7.Long Sleeves For The Summer
8.Save Me I’m Yours
9.Voice Of The Father
10.The Accidental
11.I Love You, What Are You?
12.Sub Rosa


CD 4: Drawn To The Deep End – Bonus Tracks

1.Drawn To The Deep End
2.Autumn Stone (Small Faces cover)
3.Cast Out In The Seventies
4. Nightswimming (REM cover)
5. We Could Be Kings
6.Dolce & Gabbana Or Nowt
7.Wasteland (The Jam cover)
8.As The Bruises Fade
9.The Ship Song (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Cover)


CD 5: Revelations

1.As Good As It Gets
2.In Love With Love
3.Love Won’t Work
4.The British Disease
5.Fill Her Up
6.Something In The Water
9.The Looker
10.Little Child
12.The Police Will Never Find You
13.You’ll Never Walk Again


CD 6: Revelations -Single Edits & B Sides

1.Toasting The Union
2.Man On Earth
3.All Night
4.To All Who Sail On Her
5.Pass on To Me
6.Touched By The Hand Of Havoc
7.Common As Air
9.Town Called Malice


CD 7: Libertine

1. Does He Have A Name
2. A Simple Request
3. Is It Over?
4. O Lover
5. Let Me Rest
6. We’ll Get What We Deserve
7. Walking In The Shallows
8. Yours For The Taking
9. You
10. Spy In The Clubs
11. Somewhere In the World


CD 8: Libertine Bonus Tracks

1.Let Me Move On (Long Version)
2.If I’m A Friend
3.Left For Dust
4.Supermarket Bombscare
5.Little Diamond
6.Rising for Sunset (Unreleased Studio Version)
7.Who Said This Was The End?
8.From Georgia to Osaka
9.With Love In Mind
10.Welcome to Dover
11.Baby I’m Sorry (Unreleased Studio Track)
12.Man Seeks Life (Unreleased Demo)
13.6 am (Unreleased Demo)
14.Skin Parade (Unreleased Demo)
15.You (Chapel Studio Version)
16.Does He Have A Name (Demo)
17.Simple Request (Demo)
18.Is it Over (Demo)
19.Spy in the Clubs (Demo)
20.Walking In The Shallows (Demo)
21.Let Me Move On (Demo)
22.O Lover (Demo)


CD 9: Rising For Sunset

1.Does He Have A Name? -Excerpt
2.Fill Her Up
3.The British Disease
4.Where Are They Now?
5.London, Can You Wait?
7.As Good As It Gets
8.Your Love, It Lies
9.Rising For Sunset
10.For The Dead
11.Be My Light, Be My Guide
12.Speak To Me Someone
14.You’ll Never Walk Again
15.Somewhere In The World

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