Vuelven las emisiones de Cielo Liquido

Cielo Líquido es un programa de radio que se emite cada lunes de 9 a 12 de la noche en RCS 107.2 FM, y que puedes seguir semanalmente a través de Internet en su web:

Dirigido por Fernando Pérez Herrero, Cielo Líquido ha vuelto esta semana a sus emisiones habituales, dónde se dan cita el mejor indie-rock, hardcore, emocore, …

Sirva como muestra de su buen hacer el tracklist de su primera emisión tras la vuelta de las vacaciones:

1.YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO: The problem (MLP All roads to fault) (Fiction/Polydor)
2.ESCAPOLOGISTS: Badmouth (EP Starlight) (Escapologists)
3.THE EDMUND FITZGERALD: Horses (SG split with YMSS) (Vacuous pop recordings)
4.THE DEVOTED FEW: Counting cars (LP Billboard noises) (Non Zero records)
5.INTERNATIONAL KARATE: The details of your history (LP Weapons of mass protection) (International Karate/Sensory Projects)
6.TIMONIUM: Solemn corridors (LP Until he finds us) (Pehr label)
7.RED WORM’S FARM: Intraducibile (LP Halleynation-Troncomorto) (Fooltribe records)
8.THREEINONEGENTLEMANSUIT: Fellow soldiers (LP Battlefields in an autumn scenario) (Fooltribe records)
9.RAYS OF HELIOS: Aaargh my eyes, now I will never be a famous plastic surgeon (Demo) (Rays of Helios)
10.IMA NEMIC: Abusaphile (Demo) (Ima Nemic)
11.THE KILLEREST EXPRESSION: Set a fire (Forthcoming split single)
12.MODEST MOUSE: The world at large (LP Good news for people who love bad news) (Epic)
13.SOME BY SEA: The winter rush (Get off the ground if you’re scared) (Kringle recordings)
14.ALL STATE CHAMPION: Second chance (LP Is it nothing to you) (Five One inc.)
15.YOUTHMOVIE SOUNDTRACK STRATEGIES: When we won’t have to make the freezing scene no more (SG split with The Edmund Fitzgerald) (Vacuous pop recordings)
16.LARGE MOUND: We’d love to stay, we’d play for free (LP Go forth and amplify) (Scientific Laboratories)
17.MERCURY TILT SWITCH: Get ready for the trench run (SG split with A Forest) (Too many fireworks records)
18.NOMOVINGPARTS: Stay gold, pony boy (LP This will all end badly) (This is a world of noise)
19.TIGER SAW: Love will kill (LP Gimme danger/Gimme sweetness) (Kimchee records)
20.CHALLENGER: Blackouts (LP Give people what they want in lethal doses) (Jade Tree records)
21.RIDDLE OF STEEL: The selection effect (LP Python) (Ascetic records).
22.DISASTER PLAN: Northern aspect (LP Reality correctors one through twelve) (Sensory projects)
23.THE EARLIES: Wayward song (LP These were the Earlies) (Names on records)
24.JAMES SUMMERFIELD: Mrs Charlton the Second (LP Hailah Hailah) (Bearos records)
25.CONSTRUCTION YARDS AT NIGHT: Sharcoots (Twice the town you’ll ever be Compilation)
26.WRITTEN FROM NEGATIVE: We will leave this city (Twice the town you’ll ever be Compilation)
27.CALAMATEUR: Here beside (LP The old fox of ’45) (Autoclave records)
28 FATHER OF BOON: Absolutely everything is excellent (SG) (Father of Boon)
29.ADAM’S CASTLE: Vertigris (LP One year) (Datafeedback recordings)
30.IRON & WINE: Naked as we came (LP Our endless numbered days) (Sub pop)
31.TV ON THE RADIO: Staring at the sun (EP Young liars) (Touch & Go/Southern)
32.SOAP STAR JOE: Lagoon (Tell her on the weekend) (Laughing outlaw records)
33.THAT FUCKING TANK: Botting for columbine (LP A document of the first set) (Jealous records) (Aloud Music)
34.JETTISON: Avalanche (LP Heat Wave) (Aloud Music)
35.BRADY HARRIS: Blame (LP Lone star) (Lampshade records)

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